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The Fiberglass Solutions division offers cutting edge structural fiberglass solutions. Our current product offerings are, FiberStair stair systems, hand rail systems, fencing, doors & jambs, decking and structural members. Fiberglass has been recently added to the IBC 2006 & IBC 2012 codes and meets fire requirements of a Class 1 fire rating. The real benefits of fiberglass over steel. aluminum or stainless steel is that it will not corrode. Requires minimal painting and offers the lowest life cycle cost of any of these solutions. If you are a property manager or owner that has a corrosion issue or just tired of the high maintenance costs of metals, we probably have a solution.

Storm Resistant Homes,has researched products, contractors, vendors, and affiliates to develop a comprehensive envelope package that can be implemented in the new construction of your home. Our envelope package incorporates concrete walls, impact glass, tested High wind speed doors and last but not least an advanced roof structure engineered to 179 mph. wind deflection.  We utilize specially designed nails and adhesives to form a stronger bond that gives you a piece of mind during a major storm.

Our Storm Resistant Home envelope package offers various mitigation strategies that dramatically reduce the loss from flooding, wind load and fire. The next step in the process is to forward the mitigation strategies to the various insurers to get a quote on our Storm Resistant Home package and a quote on standard code construction. The insurance quotes are compiled and a ROI or return on (mitigation) investment can be calculated. Now the Building Stronger and Smarter process becomes a simple economic decision. In short "It is not what it costs to buy a structure but rather what it costs to own it!"

Our mission at SRH Corp. is to build quality low-risk buildings that the insurance industry recognizes and rewards with lower premiums. Energy efficiency typically comes hand in hand with our package thus saving energy and offering a Green structure. These  necessary mitigation solutions to a structure can only be economically incorporated during the design and construction stage.  The Storm Resistant Home program is not for up-fit or remodeling but is typically for new construction only.


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